Family Friendly Vacation Ideas

Family Fun Vacations, Holidays and Getaways

This is a general list of Family Fun vacation Ideas. It is just to spark your imagination for planning your next family vacation. Taking the time to plan and choose a family holiday that everyone is excited about will definitely help you to fill your bucket wit good times.

When choosing your travel getaway here are some questions to ponder…
Do you want quiet or crowded vacation?
Can you plan a family holiday with something for everyone?
What is the budget for this family holiday?
How can you save money and get more vacation bang for your buck?
How much time and money are you willing to spend to travel to your chosen destination?

Family Vacations and Getaway Trips Idea List

Visit Relatives

This is obviously the cheapest way to travel. A chance for you to connect with family members and friends. Extra bonus points if you actually enjoy spending time with these people and they in return enjoy your company. Just remember to be incredibly thankful, helpful and respectful of their space. Do the dishes, buy groceries, clean the kitchen, keep your “area” organized and clean – whatever you can do to show your appreciation of their hospitality.


This is the next most affordable kind of family vacation. Great for bonding and getting close to nature. Get some fresh air and let nature recharge your batteries


This deluxe form of camping is a little more pricey but can simplify things a great deal. Price it out – see how much a rental costs for a week.

Swimming Vacation

Visit as many lakes, pools, and swimming holes that you can

Houseboat Vacation

Rent a houseboat for a week

Big City/ in the Country

If you live in the country take a vacation in the city. If you live in the city take a vacation in country

The Old West Family Vacation

Head out to find some old western or ghost towns. Or you can look for some old ruins.

Spontaneous Family Vacation Getaway

Get everybody packed up and get in the car and start driving – see where the road takes you. I guess it all depends on how adventurous you are.

Train Tours

Ever consider a train tour? A unique opportunity for a family holiday.

Rent a Cabin Getaway Trip

Rent a cabin in the woods for some peace and quiet or spend a little more and go for a family beachfront vacation.

House Exchange

Exchange your home within someone in a different city. Try Craig’s List.

Hiking Vacation

Go somewhere where you can take an interesting hike everyday.

Find a Volcano

Depending on where you live this maybe a challenge to get to an active, but there are plenty of dormant volcanoes to look at as well.

Disney Family Vacation

Whether it is Disneyland, Disneyworld or going on a Disney Cruise – Disney anything is always pretty amazing.
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