Your Staycation Vacation Food Idea List

A great meal will look wonderful, have pleasant textures, stimulate your sense of smell and have a party with your taste buds. It fuels your body and provides energy and balance. When you eat healthy food that is prepared well, you will experience a better vacation whether you are on the beach or in your backyard.

Outrageous Cake
Decorate an outrageous cake
or cupcakes. Especially if there is a birthday happening. No Birthday? Bake a vacation celebration cake.

Bake a Care Package
Why do Care Packages only happen at Christmas? Fill them with cake, shortbread, muffins what ever. Deliver them in person to friends and family while they are still warm. This is a great excuse to visit people and create some smiles in the world.

Your Favorite
Make your absolute favorite dish for dinner tonight. I mean everything. If it’s steak, make sure it is your favorite cut. Your favorite vegetable exactly the way you like it. Favorite side dish, or, side dishes. Favorite dessert. Favorite beverage. Bonus points if you can serve it at an unusual location.


Homemade Pizza
Make it right from scratch. Throw the pizza dough – have a great time. Get some Italian music and everybody wear fake moustaches.

New Adventures
Make something that you have always wanted to do but never have. Bring everybody into the kitchen, play some tunes, make it a party.

Gingerbread House Making a gingerbread house is a great project for everybody to work on. Teaches teamwork, creativity and is a great way to kill an afternoon of lousy weather.

Dangerous Gingerbread Men
K, this one is kind of twisted. Make mean looking gingerbread men. Give them two heads or extra arms or no arms. Then decorate with snarl faces and scars. Good for a laugh and makes for an interesting addition to a care package.

Chocolate Fondue
What could possibly be wrong with liquid chocolate?

Banana Split
Everybody gets to make his or her own split.

Make Ice Cream
It is some work but hopefully it will tire the little brats out

Caramel Apples
They are good. It is easy. All parties involved will be pleasantly pleased.

Fruit Adventure
Eat a fruit you have never tried before.

Make a Root Beer Float
Another, no need to be explained item.

Cook your Breakfast on an Outdoor Fire
Make sure it is legal to have a fire. Don’t burn anything. Not your breakfast, not the yard or anything else. This is a little more dangerous than a stove but way cooler.

Pancake Art
You can make happy faces, Mickey Mouse or whatever your imagination can come up with. Pancakes are like fluffy clouds on a blue sky except they are made of flour and you eat them.

Cooking with a Geographical Theme
Pick any country and serve up some food from there. Research on the web some recipes and ingredients that you will need. Find out some facts about that country and share them with the family while you are eating.

Food Fight
If you have never done this, inside, you know you want to. And if you have – you just want to do it again. So here’s my suggestion. Wait till dessert.

Make sure the zone is clear of things that could get damaged. Then bring out the pudding. And have plenty of extra puddings all portioned out like a bunch of guests are coming. Don’t tell anyone that you are having a food fight. Just have one. Relaod with the extra puddings. After it’s over pudding can be hosed down pretty easily.


Dinner with the Dudes
Just the guys get together. Invite as many guy friends, as you like. Talk about high school and college. Have a good laugh. The women can go shopping or to a movie.

Lunch with the Ladies
This is the female version of Dinner with the Dudes. The Men can go play sports or go to a movie.

Eat with your Hands
I am not talking about hamburgers are hot dogs. I am thinking more along the lines of spaghetti.

Cook Popcorn with the lid off
Danger! Danger! It’s still funny though.

Vintage Wine
Have you been saving a bottle of wine for special occasion? Could there be a more special reason to drink it than to celebrate your Backyard Vacation?

Wine Tasting
Get everybody to bring over a bottle of wine and test them all!! Set up the Coke/Pepsi/cola blind taste test challenge for the kids

Graham Crackers/ Chocolate/ Marshmallows. Yum – enough sugar to rot a bridge!

Guest Chef
Do you know someone who likes to cook? Invite them over to cook for you. You do all the shopping, chopping and dishes. Its fun – try it. You could invite a different person over for every night of the week.

Jell-O Contest
Put out a plastic tablecloth and some piles of Jello that are equal in size. Then have an eating contest but you can’t use your hands. First one to eat the all the Jell-O wins

Something Different
Go to a kind of restaurant that you never been to before. If you always eat chinese or italian try a different culture

Triple Restaurant Tour Go to 3 different restaurants the first one is for the appetizer, the second for the entrée, and the third for dessert.

Dine at a truck stop
It will help you achieve the illusion that you are actually on holidays.

Restaurant Hunting
Drive around until you find a restaurant that seems like a good gamble. Watch for a lot of cars in the parking lot or a recommendation from a local. Chain restaurants don’t count in this game.

Five Star
Well obviously you can’t afford to go to a five star restaurant but it doesn’t mean that you can’t go to a fancy restaurant. Get dressed up and just have coffee and dessert.

Dinner Theater
Phone them up and ask if they have any deals for families that are vacationing in their backyard. They might have something. It never hurts to ask.

Dinner with the Oldies
Have dinner with Oldies but ask them some
fun questions.

Ice Cream
Go to the ice cream shop and then go to an interesting place to enjoy it.

Pizza at the Beach
This one is great entertainment. You may have to pay in advance so they don’t think it is a scam. If you arrange in advance I am sure they be more than willing to accommodate you. Don’t tell your group. When the delivery person arrives at the towel - They will love it!

People Watch
Go to an outdoor café and people watch much like we do when we are on vacation.

Beach or Lake Side Picnic
Every Staycation should have at least one of these. If there is no beach try riverside or creek side. Throwing water balloons is acceptable behavior.

Sunrise/ Sunsets Picnic
Everybody knows about the sunset picnic what about the sunrise picnic? Have all your gear packed up in the vehicle and then when early morning comes - drive to a great sunrise watching location. Have pancakes and start your day with a “Holy Geez – Life is good”.

Candlelight Picnic
This can be amazing. If you buy some of those tea light candles you make a big circle around you. Bring as many candles as you have. If there is a fire danger – make sure it is safe to burn candles.

Different Park Picnic
Go to a different park for every picnic that you have over the Staycation. The only rule is you can’t eat at the same place twice.

Carpet Picnic
If the weather ruins your picnic plans have a carpet picnic.

A picnic with a plethora of Pork Products. Make it a potluck if you please.

All Chicken dishes. Great for a potluck as well.

If you have a vegetarian in your group you should do at least one of these, just out of courtesy.

Mountain Top
If you don’t live near any mountains – well you are out of luck. Go to the nearest hill instead.

Crazy Place
Pick the most unlikely spot for a picnic.

Picnic Attack
Just show up at your friends place and start picnicking. They will be happy to host you as long as you bring good stuff and are willing to share it.