Your Staycation Vacation Mini Adventure Idea List

1. Summer Snowball Fight
If there is an indoor ice rink nearby you can get as much snow as you can handle. Usually somewhere by the back door there is a giant pile of snow. Take a cooler and fill it up. The hotter the day the more confused your targets will be when they figure out what just hit them.

2. Test Drive a Really Cool Car

Backyard Vacations Test Drive

3. Swim at your Nearest Pool

4. Swim in a Lake or a River

5. Go to a Baseball Game

6. Bike around your local university campus

7. Go Play Some Pool

Backyard Vacations Billiards

8. Go Bird Watching

9. Mountain Biking

10. Hiking
Plan a somewhat challenging hike where you can see some wildlife. Take great snacks.

11. Boating

12. Go to a Bookstore
- Buy a cool book

13. Botanical Garden


14. Bowling - go to disco night

15. Go to your closest National Forest

16. Candy Store -
and buy a ton of candy

17. Canoe


18. Caving

19. Be a Tourist in your Own Town
go to your local chamber of commerce and check out the brochures for all the attractions in your community.

20. Dinner Train

21. Go for a Train Ride
Catch a train. Whether it is a commuter train or a tourist train.

Backyard Vacations Trian Ride

22. Urban Exploration
Go to the nearest big city and walk around the downtown core.

23.Go to a Farm

24. Feed the ducks at the park

25. Water-skiing

26. Aboriginal Arts Display

27. Go to the Aquarium

Backyard Vacation Aquarium

28. Art Gallery

29. Go to a Museum

30. Go to Your Nearest Playground
31. Go to a Bed and breakfast

32. Waterslide

33. College Sports Event

34. Geocaching GPS
Check online. Using a GPS you can search for treasure boxes that are hidden all over the world. Lots of fun and a great way to discover nooks and crannies of where you live.

35. GPS Adventuring
Go adventure somewhere with your GPS and mark your trail on your GPS as you go. No matter where you go you will find your way back.


36. Go on a Wine Tour

37. Cliff Jumping

38. Rock Climbing

39. Indoor Climbing Gym

40. Comedy Club

41 .Go to a Really Fancy Hotel
- and just have tea or coffee.

42. $50
Take fifty dollars each out of the bank and spend on each other.

43.Donate Blood

44. Random Drive
Just drive and then ask strangers what you should check out and just follow whatever they say.

45. Tank of Gas
Fill up your vehicle and drive some where and when you have a half a tank of gas turn around and come back.

46. Drive in Movie and sneak in friends.

47. Meander Drive
Drive back country roads with no particular destination.

48. Explore a Ghost Town

49. Go to the Fair

50. Walkabout
Go for a walk in an area that you have never walked around before.


51. Go Fishing

52. Go to a Flea Market

53. Float down a Slow River on a tube

54. Go to a Revolving Bar or Restaurant

55. Go to a Football Game

56. Kidnap
Kidnap a friend or family member and take them out for a good time. Pick somebody who has been working hard or needs some fun.

57. Full Moon Hike

58. Give Help to a Charity for the Day

59. Walk the Dog - or somebody’s dog in an interesting place

60. Traditional Picnic

61. Go-Carting

62. Mini Golf

63. Friendly visit
Visit a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time.

64. Go to your Local Science Center

65. Sailing

66. Go to the Zoo

67. Roller Coaster

68. Rent a limo and Driver
Just for a couple of hours.

69. Relax in a hot tub or hot springs

70. Dream the afternoon away on a riverbank


71. Play Tennis

72. Humor Injection
Use humor to cheer up a sick friend

73. Pottery Class

74. Take a grandparent or any other oldie out dancing

75. Video Arcade

76. Improvisational Comedy Show

77. Jet ski

78. Multiple Movies at the Movieplex

79. Kite flying

80. Paddle Boating

81. Paintball

82. Photo Safari

83. Go to a Drumming Circle

In-line Skating

85. Go to an Ice Skating Rink/Roller Skating Rink

86. Trail Running

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