Your Staycation Vacation Planning Idea List

Sure it sucks to take a backyard vacation if you are used to going on big lavish adventures. Or if your friends are going to Disneyland. The truth is that it doesn’t matter where you are for your vacation, whether it is in your backyard or at the beach - as long as you are with a group of people that have a fun attitude, it will be a great vacation.

Now you get to figure out how to make the most out of your “Backyard Vacation” with whatever budget you have. The first part that is to figure out exactly how much you want to spend. You can have a one week vacation for four people for $100 but don’t expect to have many meals out or any extra entertainment. It can be done and you can have one of your best holidays ever. There are more than enough things to do on the Activities List to keep you entertained. Maybe you have $1000 or $2000 - that is great too. The whole idea of this website is to let you plan your vacation in such a way that no matter how much money you have you are going to get the maximum fun out of it.

Once you figure out how much you want to spend for your vacation, the next step is to pick out the fun. So have a look at the Activities List.


House Work
Get your house cleaned from top to bottom. For two reasons, the first is that when you do come in the house you don’t feel obligated to stop vacationing and start cleaning. And number two so that when your vacation is over you are coming home to a nice clean house. Just do it and you will feel like you deserve your vacation that much more. Make it a team effort so that nobody gets stuck with all the cleaning. Or if you have a little extra money in the budget hire some help.

Yard Work
Take care of all the obvious chores – mow the lawn, clean up the trash, fix whatever needs fixing. Then make a deal with a friend or neighbor
so they will do your yard work while you are on your backyard vacation and you can do theirs when they take a backyard vacation.


What is your total budget?

What do you need to buy?
Bug Screen, Tent, sleeping bags, groceries, beach balls, football, sunblock, slip and slide? Can you buy some inexpensive gifts for everybody to start them out on their Backyard Vacation?

How much do you want to spend on gas?

How much do you want to spend on restaurants?

How much do you want to spend for a hotel night or two?

What is left over? That is your daily entertainment budget.

Spend you money according to your budget. If you want to do an expensive activity, do free activities for a couple of days to build up your wealth.

Getting Prepared

Set up all your camp gear and test it out. Check your camp stove, fill the propane, test the lamp and flashlights. Make sure you have everythign you need for a comfortable camping experience.

If you are going to spend a lot of time at your campsite set up in a cool way. Maybe you ahve an old couch you can bring outside. Set up a tarp to shelter you from the rain. A string of christmas lights in the trees or on the fence will give it a nice ambience. Lawn chairs...guest chairs. Glasses, plates get it set up in a deluxe fashion. Treat it like it is a resort. Sure it’s a bargain resort but it’s still a resort. Post a sign that says “Welcome to CLUB (Your last name here)”


If you think it through you can actually do a lot of amazing things in just a week. Get up early have breakfast and leave the house. Spend as much time as possible away from home.

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