Long Road Trip Vacation Ideas and Getaways

Long Road trips are usually a good alternative for a cheap vacation getaway. This list is just a few suggestions to help spark your imagination for your road trip planning. Just for the fun of it get a map of the USA and start making a list of all the places you would love to go on a road trip. Whether you are doing a family road trip, a summer trip with friends or trying to figure out a discount vacation this should get you started. Also check our Short Road Trip list for additional road trips within your long road trip.

Here are some of the more popular road trip destinations. Obviously some will be closer than others depending on where you live…

  • New Orleans – go for Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday
  • Spring Break in Florida
  • Grand Canyon
  • Oregon Coast
  • The Redwoods
  • Key West Florida
  • New York City
  • Maine
  • Boston
  • Yosemite
  • Yellowstone
  • Austin Texas
  • San Diego
  • Joshua Tree
  • The Four Corners
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Drive the Pacific Coast highway
  • Take Route 66
  • An amazing beach holiday
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Chicago
  • Las Vegas
  • Washington DC for the fourth of July
  • Disneyland / Disneyworld
  • Miami
  • LA
  • Bryce/ Zion Canyon

Pick A Theme

Like for example – do a Food and Drink Research Road Trip to find the best bar, restaurant and or breakfast spot.

Other Themes for your Road Trip

Aquariums, Zoos or Wildlife Reserves
Bowling/Bowling/Soccer or whatever activity you are into
Architecture/Buildings/Heritage Buildings
Beaches, Lakes and great places to swim

Go Team – Adventure Trip to Find Your Favorite Team

If your favorite professional sports team is a long way away – why not load up the car and catch a game in their town

Mexico Road Trip

Either drive to Mexico or if you are already close – drive across Mexico. Make sure you have proper health and auto insurance – even if you are only going for a day or two.

Coast to Coast

If you always wanted to see the country go coast to coast and back again and see everything you possibly can.

Canada Road Trip

Canada is big and spread out. Perfect combination for a really long road trip. See Vancouver, the Canadian Rockies… or see the east side see Toronto, Montreal and Quebec. GO to the east coast and if you are lucky you just might meet a newfie.

Drive around the edge of the USA

Go around the edges. See the Washington , Oregon and California Coast…. See the south… see the east coast. Try to avoid the noerth in Winter and avoid the south in the strong heat of the summer. Why? Cause its more fun that way

Roadtrip to Alaska

You thought you have been on a long drive? Well if you haven’t, going to Alaska will certainly allow you to check a really long drive off of your bucket list. Experience raw wilderness and 24 hour daylight in the summer

Special Events

Burning Man - Black Rock Desert, Nevada
International Balloon Fiesta - Albuquerque, New Mexico
South by Southwest – Austin Texas
Rose Parade – Pasadena California
Sundance Film Festival - Park City, Utah

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