More Short Road Trip Vacation Ideas

Day Vacations, Summer Trips, Family Car Trips and Auto Holidays

Weekend Spa Getaways

Maybe you need to be covered in Green Mud to suck out your toxins. Maybe you just need to get rid of your stressful life for a day or two. Spa getaways are a fantastic mini holiday where you can be pampered and just take a breath of delight for a moment or two.

Cliff Jumping

Well cliff jumping with a safe body of water at the bottom will be a much better cliff diving experience than if there is no water at the bottom of the cliff. Not recommended without serious safety concerns.

Rock Climbing

Obviously you need some skill to do this but there are plenty of teachers out there. If the weather is bad go to an indoor climbing gym.

Full Moon Hike

When the moon is out and the clouds are gone. Moonlight hiking is a really wonderful experience.

Traditional Picnic

If you are going to have a picnic make sure you bring great food and pick a picnic table with a stunning view.

Tourist Activities

Go Mini Golfing or Go Karting

Friendly Visit

Visit a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time.

Roller Coaster Tour or Amusement Park Research

Do you live near a fantastic amusement park? Or by a cool roller coaster – go have some fun.

Hot Tubs or Hot Springs

Find some relaxation on your road trip - bring your bathing suit!


Take a drive to a quiet place to dream the afternoon away on a riverbank or any other beautiful relaxation spot. Bring a book, blanket and some snacks

Take Grandma for a Drive

Take a grandparent or any other oldie out for a drive to somewhere they would like to go to see or do.

Photo Safari

Pick a subject like crazy signs or interesting architecture or whatever you are into. You may even want to make a scavenger Hunt type list for your photo safari. Arm everybody with their own camera and hop in the car and go. When you are done get everybody’s pictures onto the computer and let everybody watch the show

Inline or Ice Skating

Go to an Ice Skating Rink/Roller Skating Rink or skate along some trails.

Romantic Getaway Vacations

Send the kids off to a sleep over at a friend’s place and go have a mini honeymoon or at least find a romantic bed and breakfast or luxury hotel to stay at..

Go Camping or RVing

Get out into the woods or the mountains… breathe the fresh air, enjoy the tree plants and all the little creatures. Go do some Hot Springs Research. This short getaway is cheap and easy to execute.

Out to the Game

Go to any Major city for a Big Sporting Event, Festival or Cultural Event

National Park Visit

Go stay in your closest National Park and do some hiking

Explore a Ghost Town

Where is the nearest ghost town to your home? Go there....

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