Short Road Trip Vacation Ideas

Day Vacations, Summer Trips, Family Car Trips and Auto Holidays


Kidnap a friend or family member and take them out for a short road trip. Pick somebody who has been working hard or needs some fun.

Go to a Really Fancy Hotel but Don’t Stay

Well not all of us can stay at luxury resorts and fancy hotels but you can just have tea or coffee and see how the Rich people live..

Random Drive

Just drive and then ask strangers what you should check out and just follow whatever they say.

Tank of Gas

Fill up your vehicle and drive some where and when you have a half a tank of gas turn around and come back.

Go to a Drive in Movie

There are very few operating drive ins left any more but they are agreat way to enjoy a warm night.

Meander Drive

Drive backcountry roads with no particular destination.

Geocaching GPS

Do you have a GPS…Check online for geocaching sites at Groundspeak. Using a GPS you can search for treasure boxes that are hidden all over the world. This is a great shrot road trip activity. Geocaching is a lot of fun and a great way to discover nooks and crannies of where you live.

GPS Adventuring

Go adventure somewhere with your GPS and mark your trail on your GPS as you go. No matter where you go you will find your way back.

Go to a Major Sporting Event

If you aren’t close to the “Major” teams – go see a high school or college game.

Go Mountain Biking

Strap on the bikes and drive to a really cool mountain bike spot.


Plan a somewhat challenging hike where you can see some wildlife. Take great snacks!


For you summer trip why not charter a boat?

Keeping Cool on Hot Days

Find Healthy a Lake or a River to Swim in or go to the closest mega water park

Plant Adventure

Go to a Botanical Garden

Be a Tourist in your Own Town

Go to your local Chamber of Commerce or Tourism Information Center and check out the brochures for all the attractions in your community.

Be a Tourist in the Next Town

Go to a town that is close to you and be a tourist there. Go to their local Chamber of Commerce or Tourism Information Center and check out the brochures for all the attractions in that community.

Restaurant Road Trip

Go check out a restaurant that you have wanted to see. Try going to one restaurant for an appetizer, one for a main course and one for dessert. Or just get in the car and see where the road takes you.


Rent a couple of Kayaks or canoes and go paddling for the day

Urban Exploration Road Trip Vacation

Go to the nearest big city and drive around the downtown core. Early Sunday mornings are amazing because the city is pretty quiet and getting around is really easy. Take some inline skates or bikes to get around once you have parked the car.

Family Road Trip - Go to a Farm

Not a giant animal slaughter factory – I mean a farm to see how it really works

Aboriginal Art Work Display

How much do you know about the people that lived here before we did. Check out their aboriginal art and history.

Fish or Animal Jail

Go to the closest Big Aquarium or Big Zoo

Arts and Culture

Go to a Big Art Gallery or Famous Museum

Bed and Breakfast

If you are spontaneous, Bed and Breakfasts are everywhere. Grab your toothbrush, some clean underwear and find your oasis of comfy bed and magic breakfast. Or if you need to plan in advance at which B&B you would like to stay at there are plenty of reviews online that will help you find the perfect accommodations for your Bed and Breakfast stay.

Fancy Luxury All Inclusive Resorts

When looking for a resort deal – obviously off season will give you a better vacation price. Besides even if the weather isn’t the greatest staying in a fine luxury hotel will certainly ease your pain. Chances are that no matter the weather most Four or Five Star Hotels will have a Great pool.

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