Adventure Vacation Ideas & Outdoor Travel 2

California Vacations

Dewd, learn to Surf in California. Or go to Yosemite, the coast, the desert. California has a lot of stuff….like seriously. Hike the half dome.

Go on a Heli Skiing Vacation in Canada

Heli skiing is not just for the rich and famous – mostly just the rich though. BC (British Columbia) heli skiing is some of the finest in the world. The two top heli skiing outfits in BC are Mike Wiegele and CMH Heli Skiing. Whether you are want to heli ski or Heli Snowboard it is the cream of the crop skiing experience.

Adventure Sailing Vacation

Go on a sailing trip or learn to sail if you don’t know how. You can harness the wind and enjoy the ocean. Even though you will save money on gas anything to do with boating costs a lot of money. Even just reading about boats will create some kind invoice.

Outdoor Adventure Vacations – Fishing or Hunting

Go fishing in Alaska or Northern Canada ( If you are just hungry you can just go to the grocery store for meat and fish .. they have these kind of stores just about everywhere)

Outdoor Adventure Vacations with a Tinge of Death

Go swimming with sharks or go watch Grizzlies or Polar Bears in their natural environment.

Do a Massive Hiking Vacation

Hike the Colorado Trail, Appalachian Trail (use the Appalachian trail only if you are having or planning an affair). Hike the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. Some of these hikes issue a minimum amount of permits so make sure you do your research.

Motorhome Vacation Getaways

Well this isn’t really that adventurous – it just depends how adventurous you are to start with. But here is the plan – The “No” Plan, plan. Rent an RV start driving without a plan – just lots of gas money and getaway into the great wide world.

Go to Drag Racing School

There is more than just one – there are dozens. Make sure you do research on who operates the school, what they are going to teach you and if it fits your expectations. Check the school reviews and if it has any “sucks” hits on Google.

Go to Stunt School

There are dozens and dozens of stunt schools. Some teach more than others – some deal with fires and falls and some don’t. Do your research some are for training and some are for just showing you a good time.

Wind Adventure Vacation

Master Windsurfing, skiing, kite boarding or any other crazy activity. Whatever the device go find your breeze so you can get blown across the water.

Gator Chasing Adventure Holiday

Go to Florida and take a boat ride in the Everglades with some Gators. Sorry not with gators – to see gators.

Other Adventure Vacation Ideas

Dune buggy riding
Enter an Adventure Race
Go four-wheel driving
Go Sky diving
Go to a nude beach
Mountain biking - Cross Country or Downhill
Go Camping under the stars but make it epic
Ride a tandem bike
Take a hike where the scenery is stunning
Rock climbing
Ski/golf/sail all in one day
Windsurfing in the Gorge

For extra fun shivers - combine 1, 2, 3 or even 4 of these activities in one vacation.

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