International Travel Ideas & Dream Vacations 2

Stay at a Luxury Hotel in London England

Expensive? Hold your wallet. Well pretty anything on this list is expensive. But staying at a luxury hotel in London is better than America because everybody has an English accent.

Go to France

Get a an Eiffel Tower Hotel with an Eiffel Tower View. Need I say more – oh wait bring your lover.

Go to a Honeymoon resort in the Caribbean

This really is a luxurious experience. Words like magic, and heaven come to mind. Surrounded by buffets, palm trees, warm air, warm water and the love of your lover. What could possibly be wrong with this scenario?
Trek through the Amazon Rain Forest

Go Somewhere in Russia

Drink Vodka and see the world through a completely different culture.

Attempt to Climb Mount Everest

Some people are really stoked on spending $100,000, nearly freezing to death or even dying to achieve this goal. I wonder how many days I could stay in Maui at a five star resort? At least I wouldn’t have to be cold. Congratulations to Jordan Romero for being the youngest person to climb Mount Everest. I met him when he was seven. He told me that dream years ago and now it’s true. Thank you for the inspiration Jordan.

Take a Vacation in Japan

Japan has some much to see. Technology, culture, history, beauty. If you really want to learn some respect form the locals quickly…Climb Mt Fuji.

More International Travel Ideas and Dream Vacations

  • See Norway’s Fjords (Fjords are not a European car)
  • Discover the strange Flora and Fauna of Madagascar
  • Check out Chile
  • Holiday in Thailand and eat some of the best food in the world
  • Nepal Tibet/ Bhutan
  • Western Canada Vacations - The Rockies or take a Canada Rail Vacation
  • Ski or Snowboard in the Alps. How cool would that be?
  • Europe Cruise Vacation – See multiple countries
  • Vacation Packages to Italy – Have an espresso and people watch in Rome.
  • Vacation in Amsterdam and do like the Amsterdinians!
  • See Cuba before it changes
  • Have an Australia Holiday and watch a kangaroo
  • Get a New Zealand Vacation package and see both major islands
  • Go see all the castles that you can
  • Machu Picchu in Peru
  • Find your spiritual self in India
  • Do a South East Asia Tour – Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia…

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