Summer Vacation Ideas and Getaways 2

Disney Land, Disneyworld, Disney Cruise or a Disney Vacation

If you have a big fat bank account go book a Disney Family Vacation. Disney has always had a finger on a good time and these services are no exception. Party with the mouse and entertain the kids for a lifetime of memories. Disney family vacations bring out the kid in everybody.

Outdoor Activities Camping Vacations and RV’s

Once you get out into the wilderness almost all the entertainment is free or costs very little. Hiking, fishing, orienteering, or just enjoying nature. Cook over an open fire, share stories and enjoy some clean living. If you don’t have all the camping gear you may consider an RV or renting a cabin in the woods. Outdoor camping with all your camping activities in the comfort of an RV or cabin.

Beachfront Vacation

Really isn’t this what everybody wants or is it just me? I never hear anybody say that they have been spending too much time on the beach this summer vacation. Help increase your sanity spent a week on vacation at a beautiful beach.

Bed and Breakfast Travel Getaway

Pretty simple go to a different Bed and Breakfast every night for your vacation. Make sure you take plenty of pictures so that you can remember it all after. It is important to get pictures of all the breakfasts so that you can reminisce later about how good or bad they were.

Waterpark or Theme Amusement Park Research

Go test all the roller coasters and or waterslides in a given area.

Bike Touring Vacation

I know it sounds like a bike touring vacation is a lot of work that is because they can be. All depends on the level of difficulty that you book. Bike touring is extremely rewarding and have left me with some of my best travel experiences in my life.

Cruise Vacation

This is just like a resort vacation but you get to be relaxed and lazy on a boat instead of land. There are plenty of activities for the active and Buffetivities for the hungry.

Water Vacation

What about being on the water for a few days? Or just rent a ski boat for a day or two? Sailing, kayaking, canoeing or any other water activities. Go swim at every swimming hole or swimming pool along the way on your journey. Scuba Diving. Snorkeling. Floating on a silly blow up floatation device.

Air Vacation

Have some kind of element like a helicopter ride or a hot air balloon ride as the final part of your vacation.

Affordable Family Vacation - Backyard Vacation

This is the most inexpensive and easy to execute of all the Summer Vacation Ideas. If you take some time and plan it out it can be surprisingly refreshing and helps alleviate the stress on the pocket book. Check out how to plan your backyard vacation.

Multisport Vacation Ideas

No matter where you are arrange to play different activities throughout your vacation. The more you can comfortably fit in a day the more mind blowing the experience will be. When people get bored move onto something else.

Volunteer Vacation Ideas

Go volunteer for a cause – maybe it is a local sports event or a community improvement project. Make sure everybody is on board before you say yes to this one.

Vacation Ideas - Geocaching GPS

If you don’t know what Geocaching is – take a couple of moments to look it up. Using a GPS you can look for hidden boxes all over the world. Some are hard to find – some are easy. Basically there is a logbook and trinkets in each one. Trade a trinket or leave a trinket and sign the logbook. Lots of fun and adventure and Geocaching forces you to discover new locations that otherwise you would not have known that they even existed.

Visit Relatives

Well there is a reason that this is on the bottom of the list. Relatives can be joy or not joy – everybody has their own to deal with. But it can be a great way to reconnect and keep your vacation costs down. Don’t be a good houseguest, be an amazing house guest. If they are going to put up with you and your group make sure that it is a completely enjoyable experience for them.

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